Shriving Pew / The Chase (Single)

by Dylan Gilbert




released 22 October 2011



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Track Name: Shriving Pew
I came to the house of a preacher man and I told him that I'd hurt a lot of people in my life and I'm searching for some forgiveness. He said "Boy your life has just begun and things haven't gotten nearly as hard as they're gonna be. I hope that you're ready". But Father can't you save my life? No one can judge me for what I've done. I'll do whatever I can. I know I'll change in time. He said "It all ends here. If you mean what you say". I swear to God I didn't hear that man. I thought that I could go on living the way that I used to. Drinking, swearing and cruising the streets all night. Brother, drink up your wine. Come on everybody lets go out dancing. I'll do whatever it takes, but not tonight. Who's gonna save my life? No one can judge me but God himself. I try to tell myself that he's not there but that's a damn lie....and it could all end here. If I mean what I say.