Zebra Pool Party: Action Action Heartattacktion

by Dylan Gilbert




We all have a favorite band. We won't tell you what ours is, because even if you'd heard of them, which you haven't, you couldn't even begin to understand them. We like our favorite band because they're great. However, you like your favorite band because the hot girl at the record store likes them. You like them because of that cool friend of yours with the black-framed glasses and the emotionally damaged girl on his arm. The funniest thing about Zebra Pool Party is probably the fact that our first album resembled what we now think of as American indie music mainly just because we were terrible. We couldnt write a decent tune, our drummer couldnt keep time, and our production values were bottom-of-the-barrel. Once we had some money and some practice and a new drummer, our songs actually started to take some shape. By the time we released Dance like you fight in 1997, we pretty much sounded like an off-the-wall but capable british new wave band. As you can imagine, our fans and the music press were overjoyed. No, wait, they werent! They were angry! Zebra Pool Party had turned their back on their fans by actually getting pretty decent at playing music! Our songs were no longer two-minute scream-fests with banging guitars. We recorded with more than four tracks (Of course, indie musicians could never hope to imitate that in their moms basements, considering their lack of funds and talent) Just remember, if you walk into the cool-guy vinyl store in your town and start bad-mouthing Zebra Pool Party, its likely that the ninety-pound guy behind the counter who looks like he cuts his hair with a lighter will be forced to muster the last of his anemic strength in order to forcefully eject you from the establishment.

-Johnny, Dee Dee & Dartanian


released 06 October 2006



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